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Fibre cement production plants

Individually designed to meet your requirements.

Wehrhahn supplies plants with capacities from 2 - 20 t/h.

The fibre cement production process has continuously been further developed to reduce material and energy consumption figures. Process related cut-off materials and rejects are immediately recycled in the process. Surplus water runs through a treatment plant and returns into the production process.

For the production of the large variety of sheets, two technologies have proven to be suitable:

Air cured (CC) fibre cement sheets are perfect for roofing products and all applications where the sheets are directly exposed to harsh weather conditions. Autoclaved (CCA) sheets are the choice for façades, cladding and all interior applications.

  • CC = Cellulose Cement Sheets
    CC sheets are manufactured from cement and fillers. A blend of virgin cellulose and synthetic fibres such as PVA or PAN are used as fibre reinforcement.


  • CCA = Cellulose Cement Autoclaved Sheets
    CCA sheets are manufactured from cement, finely ground
    silica sand and some additives.
    Virgin cellulose is used as fibre reinforcement.

Compressed sheets
CC and CCA sheets can be compressed in a single sheet or stack press. Pressing increases the sheet density and strength. The sheet resistance towards freeze/thaw conditions is enhanced. Pressing provides a very smooth surface finish.

Wehrhahn leading in autoclave technology
Wehrhahn is the global leader with superior technology to manufacture machines for the production of autoclaved calcium-silicate products, such as fibre-cement sheets, aerated concrete blocks and panels, insulation boards, etc.  Sand grinding, sand slurry dosing as well as autoclaves, automatic pressure control and automatic condensate discharge are equally vital parts of Wehrhahn‘s know-how.

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