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Laboratory and R & D

Wehrhahn machines and plants are pioneering in the international building material sector. It is no coincidence that companies all over the world put their trust in us.

The plant technology, however, is an important base for high-quality and reliable products.

Production conditions for building materials vary significantly in countries around the world. It is a challenge to guarantee a trouble-free production process in these various climatic conditions whilst also taking account of the raw materials available. This is our particular focus.

The Wehrhahn Laboratory
All mix formulae are individually adapted for our clients. Detailed laboratory tests of the regionally available raw materials form the basis for optimising formulae and ensure smooth running of production processes.

  • Testing of raw materials (XRF & XRD)
  • Production of AAC and fibre cement in pilot runs
  • Testing of the produced specimen according to locally applicable standards: compressive and bending strength, shrinkage and other important tests
  • Autoclaving: 600 l autoclave available in the laboratory which enables the production of large product specimen.

Data obtained in the laboratory can be used to calculate the expected figures in large-scale production.

The laboratory service is frequently used by our clients. Prior to start-up of the plant the locally available raw materials can be tested and production samples can be produced thus granting that suitable raw materials are available at production start.

In close cooperation with universities and leading research institutes in Germany our specialists are continuously improving mix formulae and develop new innovative products.



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Quality of raw materials is essential to get a first-class final product. In our laboratories we are testing specific raw materials we get from our clients on suitability for production.

Uwe Schley, Laboratory and R & D