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Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks and panels

Building for the future with many positive characteristics.

Wehrhahn AAC building

AAC is a high-quality light-weight, load-bearing and extremely well insulating building material produced as standard blocks, mega blocks or panels.

AAC has already successfully been used in Europe since early last century and is now among the mostly used wall building materials in Europe with rapidly growing market shares in many countries, especially in Asia,  America and CIS.

AAC is also known as ALC (Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete), Aircrete, Airstone, Thermostone, Gas Concrete, Cellular Concrete, Porous Concrete and under many brand names like Ytong® or Hebel®, HplusH® or Porit®.

AAC is the material of choice for building applications, such as residential, commercial,  industrial and agricultural buildings, hotels, schools and hospitals, etc., - an excellent building material for all climatic conditions. It is used for all walls, external or internal, loadbearing or non-loadbearing walls, basement walls, infill walls to framed structures, party walls, fire break walls, etc.


AAC blocks and panels

  • AAC the cost saver for builders and home owners: high economy - increased comfort and functionality
  • large size - low weight
  • good workability
  • perfect thermal insulation: 6 to10 times better than regular concrete = heat and aircon saver


A variety of positive features:

  • Sound absorption: ideal for hotels, hospitals, commercials and multifamily
  • good resistance against fire, hurricanes and earthquakes: saves life, property and insurance costs
  • long durability: impervious to rot or pest, used already for more than 80 years
  • high load-bearing strength - the material of choice for all walls: ex- and internal, load- and non-load-bearing, basement, fire break walls, etc.
  • environmentally friendly: non-toxic, no wastage

AAC – a lightweight champion

A sustainable and economic building material with a range of superior qualities.

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