Wehrhahn today

It takes a wide range of skills and a deep fund of knowledge and experience to meet the diverse, often unique needs of our customers.

Today more than 150 experienced and dedicated specialists are working at the Wehrhahn base in Delmenhorst/Bremen. Here you can also find our R&D centre. Our team of engineers and technicians is working in design and plant concepts for the building material industry to meet your expectations.

Custom-made electric control systems incl. PLC programmes are designed and built by Wehrhahn specialists.

Upon completion Wehrhahn machines are thoroughly tested and shipped - if possible - already completely assembled. For installation and start-up highly qualified engineers with international experience will assist you. Wehrhahn plants around the globe prove the proficiency to serve a demanding international market place.

The management: Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Klaus E. Bohnemann,
Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Dietz, Dipl.-Ing. Armin Berndl

A company with tradition

Experience gathered over more than a century of producing machines for the manufacture of high-quality building materials for a wide variety of construction applications. At home all over the world and yet with strong roots. Wehrhahn since 1892.

1892 – Industrialisation

Heinrich Wehrhahn

In the light of increasing industrialisation and a rapidly growing population, building materials of all kinds are in great demand in Germany at the end of the 19th century. The young engineer Heinrich Wehrhahn from Delmenhorst recognises this trend towards industrial production plants early on and in 1892 he and his brother found the Gebr. Wehrhahn engineering works.

There is no electricity for industrial production at this time: the first machines developed by Wehrhahn are powered via transmissions driven by steam engines, watermills or windmills. These include brick production plants, saw mills and grain mills.

Wehrhahn History

1918 – Specialisation
Carl Wehrhahn – the founder’s son – joins the family firm after completing his engineering studies. Wehrhahn is specialising more and more in sawmills and brick production plants.

With thanks we look back to the founder of our company, Heinrich Wehrhahn, who was the head of the company for more than 50 years.

1936 – Fibre cement
The new competitively-priced composite material fibre cement conquers the markets. Wehrhahn builds plants for the cost-effective production of fibre cement roofing, flat sheets and fibre cement pipes, thus establishing the global reputation the firm still enjoys to this day as a machine production company. Quality, service and reliability, coupled with a familiar relationship with its staff are already central elements of the corporate philosophy at Wehrhahn.

1945 – Post-war period

The post-war and reconstruction period brings many new opportunities. Besides many sawmilling and fibre cement plants, these include also mobile excavators. At times the company is producing one excavator per day.

Wehrhahn History

1965 – Consolidation
Wehrhahn focuses increasingly on high quality, turn-key industrial plants, expanding its pool of engineers and technicians and developing its own specialist know-how for fibre cement technology.

1970 – AAC
Increasing energy-awareness creates a demand for well-insulating construction materials such as blocks of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). Wehrhahn absorbs this need and develops plants for the production of AAC blocks and panels. Starting with low-capacity plants with little automation, Wehrhahn gradually develops fully automated high-performance plants for AAC precision blocks and panels with a daily output of up to 2,000 m3 – 50 to 80 road trains per day – enough for 20 to 25 homes. These also include plants for dry mix mortar and special AAC lime.

Today – On all continents
Wehrhahn plants are in operation all over the world and internationally leading manufacturers of fibre cement and AAC use Wehrhahn plants and technology. Starting from the early engineering works of Heinrich Wehrhahn, the company has developed into a global player. More than 150 highly specialised employees design plants and develop technologies according to individual requirements for many high-tech applications in the industry.

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