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Fibre cement sheets for façade, roof and internal application

A unique and versatile building material

Utmost versatility in terms of creative scope and potential applications

Few building materials offer a combination of architectural scope and strong technical specification as convincing as fibre cement cladding and roofing.

Fibre cement combines strength with ease of handling and stylish versatile colour options.

Fibre cement gains its impressive strength in a special manufacturing process where thin layers of fibre cement are laminated and compressed under high pressure followed by air curing or autoclave curing.

A major advantage of fibre cement is its ability to resist all kinds of weather conditions. Frost and thaw, heat, hale or rain do not pose a threat to fibre cement. Inside buildings fibre cement is applied as backer board in wet areas or for dry walls in heavy duty applications where fire resistance and strength are the dominant requirements. Architects love fibre cement, elegantly finished with a wide range of colours to select from. Sheets are easy to install and can be cut to any required dimensions or edge details.

© Cembrit fibre cement facades withstand even the most challenging weather conditions.


© Cembrit side panels applied for new or traditional architectural taste.

Fibre cement. Unique versatility.

Fibre cement sheets are used for residential, industrial and agricultural applications. Its appearance and advantageous characteristics make it the ideal material for the following applications:

External cladding / façades / fencing
Flat sheets in various sizes and colours (coated, pigmented or painted), as lap siding or planks, preferably with timber pattern have conquered many markets.


  • façades
  • cladding / siding
  • ridges, eaves and soffits
  • fencing
  • base for plaster / stucco

Façade sheets are a durable alternative to stucco and

  • can be applied even during heavy frost when stucco cannot be applied
  • can cover and protect exterior wall insulation
  • are used for exterior wall cladding of cottages and townhouses, beautiful (naturally looking) wood grain planks (sidings) and provide architectural beauty

For the surface treatment of fibre cement, many options and colours are applicable.

Internal cladding
Flat sheets which offer unsurpassed properties in fire resistance, dimensional stability, water resistance and acoustical properties can be used in a wide variety of different applications.


  • internal lining in wet areas
  • perfect base for ceramic wall tiles (backer boards)
  • partitions
  • fire resistance application in hospitals or kindergarden
  • floors and ceilings

Fibre cement allows water diffusion in both directions. Water can be absorbed and easily be released. This results in convenient climatic conditions inside buildings.

Roofing, corrugated roofing and façades
Fibre cement has been used as a roofing material for decades. Here small sized shingles / slates and corrugated sheets have proven to be the best choice. Different sizes and colours to meet the many individual requirements can be found in the market.



  • shingles / slates, mostly highly compressed and painted, stand for architectural beauty
  • corrugated sheets, painted in numerous colours, may be used for external cladding or fencing applications

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