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Autoclaved aerated concrete production plants

Efficient, feasible and custom made.

Wehrhahn supplies complete plants or individual machines, depending entirely on specific requirements of our clients. We take account of all the relevant factors and conditions, such as production quantities, location, space available, level of investment and much more.

Wehrhahn’s advanced, modular and versatile plant systems allow investors to select the best suited plant from a choice of AAC plant systems all formed by repositioning and combining the proven Wehrhahn machines in different sequences and positions.

It is common in all plant types that the cake is cut in vertical position. This ensures highest possible cutting accuracy and facilitates profiling and cutting of hand holds prior to autoclaving.

Maximum system performance


We offer two plant concepts with capacities from 200 up to 2.000 m3 per day to ideally serve the individual requirements of our customers. The quality of the AAC products is equally high across the different plant concepts. Which plant is the right choice for you? We will be happy to advise you. And the plant will be tailored to your specific requirements. It is characteristic for both plant concepts that the cake is cut in an upright position. This enables maximum cutting precision and profiling of the cake before autoclaving.

Wehrhahn superSMART

Highlighted features of the new plant generation

The latest plant generation offers significant advantages for every single buyer and has already proven its great performance one recently carried out project.

What makes this new plant extraordinary efficient?


1. Utilisation of factory space

In comparison to other plant concepts, here we could reduce the required factory space by almost 30 %.

2. Significant savings on the foundations

Unbelievable but true, almost 90% of all foundation pits have been eliminated!

3. Hydraulics

Hydraulic components could be reduced by 60% and have been replaced by electromechanical devices

4. Electric control modules

Intelligent newly developed electric control modules: facilitate the highly feasible production process including self managing machine control and predictive maintenance tools. The plants reach highest overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) figures and fastest possible cycle times of the individual plant sections.


5. Cutting line

An all new and highly sophisticated cutting line has been designed.

The uniform distribution of cutting wires in a very long cutting machine reduces stress applied on the cake during cutting of thin blocks and panels. Therefore, the thickness cutter length has almost been doubled.

Wires and knives are automatically cleaned to enhance the cutting surface and to avoid that sticking material can draw the wires aside.

The side trimmer (cutting length and profiling) comes with a new design for "quick-change" cutting knives and automatic knife cleaning devices.

6. Process

The plant uses green cake separating technology as in many other Wehrhahn plants.

A brand new curing station between cutting and green cake separating allows the cake to harden prior to separating.

This reduces the risk of causing marks on the blocks and provides more flexibility for the hardness of the cake during cutting.

WEHRHAHN SMART (flat cake autoclaving)

200 - 2.000 m3/day

In SMART plants the cake is tilted back into the horizontal position after cutting to enable green cake separating before autoclaving. In addition, it is possible to produce panels with super-smooth surfaces.


SMART Plant System

WEHRHAHN PLUS (vertical cake autoclaving)

700 - 1.400 m3/day.

It is the only AAC production plant on the market which produces cakes autoclaved in upright position without system waste. This results in an optimal cost benefit ratio and maximum capacity operation. The main features of the PLUS plant are its compact plant design and easy handling of the AAC in the packing plant.



PLUS Plant System

Our AAC plants

Ensuring outstanding levels of productivity and flexibility: zero system waste, highest-precision cutting, low energy requirements (optimum kWh/m3 values) and minimal consumption of raw materials.

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Wehrhahn - Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Technology

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AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete)

A project manager is during the whole project time the permanent contact partner for our clients. Sometimes even years thereafter.

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Trumme, Project Manager