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Wehrhahn production plants made in Germany

A team of highly qualified engineers and technicians develop solutions and concepts for the production of AAC, fibre cement, quicklime and dry mix mortar – including intelligent automation systems.

As a traditional family-owned business, Wehrhahn has been producing state of the art production plants for the building material industry since 1892. Over 200 plants for the production of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and panels, fibre cement sheets and pipes, lime plants and numerous other special designs are in use across all climate zones throughout the world. This makes us global leaders.

The work of our research and development team – in conjunction with customers and scientists – has resulted in successful exclusive Wehrhahn products such as our no-system-waste technology, our tilting system with bed remover and our patented custom-made machines. Use our experience to your benefit – whether as an already established customer or interested new investor.

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