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Know-how: Benefit from our expertise

Wehrhahn is a global presence – and therefore never far away. Satisfied clients in all parts of the world rely on our fast and expert service every single day.

Research and development

The continuous new and further development of our machines, plants and production processes requires a high level of qualification and the continuing education of our engineers. This continual innovation results in successful and exclusive Wehrhahn products. These include the „no system waste” technology as well as patented individual machines. We maintain close contact with our clients, research institutes and universities. This lively exchange of information and experience also flows into the further development of our technology.

The Wehrhahn laboratory

The detailed laboratory testing of raw materials form the basis for improving formulas and ensure the smooth running of production processes.

  • Testing of raw materials (XRF & XRD)
  • Production of AAC and fibre cement in pilot runs
  • Autoclaving possibilities
  • Testing of compressive and flexural strength, shrinkage and other quality parameters.


Technology and the environment

The resources of this unique planet are finite, and we have a huge responsibility to future generations. The use of ecological building materials is therefore becoming increasingly important.

Benefit from our expertise – acquired over years of experience in various sectors under a wide range of conditions in all climate zones of the world.


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