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More and more investors approach the market for high-quality building materials. Wehrhahn plants serve successfully buyers around the globe and are recognized as the most innovative and efficient tools in the industry.

To maintain the leading market position requires continuous focusing on innovation and development. It has always been the intention to provide customers with intelligent solutions to make them successful and a step ahead of their competitors. The most efficient way to operate production plants requires many process data and intelligent software solutions.

Let us consider if today’s plants would consume energy only when the individual machines are in use. What if energy consumers are switched off once the process control systems recognizes that their operation is just not required? The intelligent Wehrhahn process control and information system PCI makes this “stop and go” possible and this is only one feature of the intelligent PCI system. PCI is now coming as a standard system with all new Wehrhahn plants.

Is it possible to recover different forms of energy? Recovery of heat energy is already a well-established feature installed in many Wehrhahn plants. The recovery of electric energy – for example the energy from braking the high speed “loading machine” – is an additional feature and now standard with all new Wehrhahn plants.

Wehrhahn plants “precise like clockwork”

Making the power saving technology accessible is now easier with the Wehrhahn Energy Management System WH-EnMS which continuously records the power consumption of all single machines and devices in the plant. The data can easily be used to analyse the condition of each single machine. In case the power consumption shows unusual peaks, then maintenance might be required or a future failure of a component can be recognized well in advance. This increases the plant availability significantly. And plant availability is money.

The intelligent combination of the Energy Management System WH-EnMS and the Wehrhahn Process Control and Information system (PCI) boosts plant efficiency and productivity. It is a standard feature in today’s Wehrhahn plants. Existing plants can easily be upgraded.

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