Second fibre cement plant for Sri Lanka ready for installation

After successful installation and commissioning of the first autoclaved flat sheet production line for El Toro, their second Wehrhahn plant has just arrived in Sri Lanka.

Installation is expected to start soon. This time, corrugated fibre cement sheets of highest quality are to be produced by El Toro. Again this plant features a number of innovations in the sections sheeting machine and cutting plant – another milestone for El Toro as market and technology leader in Sri Lanka!

An intelligent product control and information (PCI) -system is an essential help to improve production in all areas!

Part three of this series of articles focuses on the product control and information (PCI) -system, which is an intelligent machine control report management system. The system enhances plant efficiency by shorter set up times and significantly reduces production costs.
In part two of a series of articles, published in AAC worldwide issue 1/2020, Wehrhahn focused on the dosing and mixing control system (part one issued in AAC worldwide 04/2019 about Wehrhahn autoclave control system).

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Chers clients et partenaires,

C'est une période très inquiétante pour tous. L'équipe de Wehrhahn espère que tout le monde est en bonne santé et que la pandémie de virus corona sera bientôt terminée.

Nous prenons également notre responsabilité sociale très au sérieux. La santé et la sécurité de nos employés, nos clients et nos partenaires est notre plus grande préoccupation. Bien que nous ne puissions pas maintenir tous les contacts personnels pour le moment comme d'habitude, nous sommes à votre disposition par téléphone, e-mail et médias sociaux pour toute demande ou sujet.

L'équipe Wehrhahn vous souhaite bonne chance durant cette période difficile. Nous espérons que tout le monde reste en bonne santé!

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Dear customers and partners,

It's a very worrying time for all. The Wehrhahn team hopes that everyone is in good health and the Coronavirus pandemic will soon be over.

We take our social responsibility very seriously. The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is our utmost concern. Although we cannot maintain all personal contacts at the moment as usual, we are at your disposal by telephone, e-mail and social media for any request or topic.

The Wehrhahn team wishes you well during this challenging time. Hope everyone keeps safe!

Milestone in the Wehrhahn History

New version of the precise Wehrhahn autoclave control system (WACO).

Highlight: Now it is possible to control the autoclave for an aerated concrete plant and for a sand lime brick production plant OR in combination of both. This will especially please our customers who produce both AAC and sand lime bricks.

Great job, great success – Keep it up!

Thanks to all involved parties.

WACO the perfect choice for advanced AAC and sand lime brick autoclave control






Intelligent dosing and mixing is an essential precondition for high quality AAC and sand lime brick production!

In part one of a series of articles, published in AAC worldwide issue 4/2019, Wehrhahn focused on the
autoclave control system. Part two of this series of articles focuses on the dosing and mixing control sys-
tem. Intelligent electric control systems have a decisive influence on plant productivity.



How can intelligent electrical control systems influence the productivity of a production plant?

Increased productivity, highly efficient use of raw materials, improved product quality and safety, reduced working time: intelligent electric control systems have a decisive influence on plant productivity.



Visit Wehrhahn at THE BIG 5 HEAVY in Dubai - 25th to 28th November 2019

What is new?



Wehrhahn, the leading supplier of advanced production plants and technology for building materials, will be represented at THE BIG 5 in Dubai, 25th - 28th November 2019, Hall: RASHID HALL - Booth E182.

In the proven way, you will find the Wehrhahn team at your disposal – for expert advice and assistance in plant design and technology for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks and panels and Fibre Cement boards.

Dubai Photo by Kate Trysh on Unsplash
Dubai Photo by Kate Trysh on Unsplash


News from China

Within a short time both factories started production.

Since June and July the first "fiber cement boards" have been successfully produced by our customer Jiangsu Zhongjing.
The biggest challenge: The customer developed a completely new type of "green cement" for the production process. Successfully supported by the experienced Wehrhahn team the mission has been accomplished.

Congratulations to the teams in Jiangjin


Big, bigger, bauma 2019

7 days state of emergency in Munich - around 3,700 exhibitors presented themselves at the world's leading trade fair for construction, building materials and mining machinery.

Wehrhahn was -of course- represented and offered a modern designed meeting place for national and international visitors.
The number of visitors at our booth reached its peak on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. During the 7 days of the fair customers as well as new clients visited our booth. BAUMA 2019 proved to be a great success and we look forward to the next bauma 2022.