International Conference on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

September 4-6, 2018 at the University of Potsdam, Germany

The 6th International Conference on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete will be held on September 4 - 6, 2018 at the University of Potsdam, Germany.

Wehrhahn will hold a presentation about Industry 4.0.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Latest technology for fibre cement sheet production: Wehrhahn video launched

We contemplate, develop and take action for our customers.

Autoclaved fibre cement sheets (CCA) are getting more and more popular around the globe. The new video shows the latest CCA production technology supplied by Wehrhahn. Please visit our media section on the website.


Wehrhahn Journal 2018 -now available for download-

The 2018 version of the popular Wehrhahn Journal including:

Who operates the best AAC production plant in the world?

Where is the biggest market for AAC?

Why is lime so important?

You will find the answers here!


37th annual conference of the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association of China

The 37th annual conference of the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association of China was held in Weifang, Shandong from 12th to 14th December 2017. More than 300 registered attendees participated in the event. Mr. Michael Zhang, Wehrhahn Sales Director Asia, gave a presentation and introduced Wehrhahn’s new AAC panel production features.

As the biggest autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) market in the world, there are more than 2,000 AAC producers in China and the overall annual production capacity exceeds 200 million m³.

Wehrhahn is considered as the most reliable international equipment supplier in the Chinese market. The total designed capacity of Wehrhahn plants in China exceeds 3.5 million m³/annually.



Wehrhahn and the Russian AAC Association organised the international AAC conference in November 2017

Over 250 participants from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Denmark and Slovenia came to Yekaterinburg/Ural to discuss and to learn more about optimisation of AAC production, new ways of application and how to expand new markets for AAC products.

There were many AAC producers, plant producers, raw material suppliers, design engineers, builders, developers as well as research and development scientists.

Much attention was given to both Wehrhahn presentations from

Galina Romanova

"Production of lightweight AAC insulation boards: Market expectation and features of production"


Wassiliy Zelmer

"Further development of AAC production: Modernisation and expansion of existing plants and related technologies"

The participants had the opportunity to visit both Wehrhahn AAC plants of Teplit - the major AAC producer in the Ural region - producing excellent PFA (fly ash) blocks at an economical price.


The international conference of the Russian AAC Association was co-organised by Wehrhahn.



Yekaterinburg/Ural: 2004 installation of the first Wehrhahn AAC plant in Russia

Visit Wehrhahn at THE BIG 5 HEAVY in Dubai - 26th to 29th November 2018

What is new?



Wehrhahn, as the leading supplier of machines and technologies for advanced production plants and technology, will be represented at THE BIG 5 in Dubai, 26th - 29th November 2018, Hall Z1 - Booth B141.

In the proven way, you will find the Wehrhahn team at your disposal – for expert advice and assistance in plant design and technology for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks and panels and Fibre Cement boards.

Dubai Photo by Kate Trysh on Unsplash
Dubai Photo by Kate Trysh on Unsplash


Wehrhahn Journal 2017 - anniversary issue 125 years Wehrhahn - now available for download

The new version 2017 of the popular Wehrhahn Journal including:

  • 125 years Wehrhahn: serving customers around the globe
  • The “all new” superSMART generation launched
  • High demand for fibre cement sheet production plants
  • Industry 4.0: the intelligent “Wehrhahn smart” factory


Please download here.


We hope you enjoy reading!
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Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel at Wehrhahn

On 4th of September 2017 Sigmar Gabriel - Foreign Minister, Vice-Chancellor and former Minister for Economic Affairs, visited Wehrhahn for lively 90 minutes discussion on international economic relations in times of global crises.

Participants were high-ranking leaders of export oriented companies together with politicians.

The main points of discussion were the various sanctions and their effects (positive or negative) under the aspect of politics and under the aspect of today's economy. Another issue was Europe and its future role on global politics. All participants experienced a lively debate with the German Foreign Minister.

El Toro / Sri Lanka: Fibre cement sheet plant in operation

The first fibre cement sheet production plant for autoclaved flat sheets in Sri Lanka has successfully started production.

The newly designed high-performance plant is equipped with many new features. More details can be found in the 2017 Wehrhahn Journal.


The “all-new” Wehrhahn masterpiece: 5 vat sheeting machine

50 mm thick panels at Baopeng / China

One of the largest AAC production plants in China, located in Liyang is now operating at full capacity. The superSMART plant produces blocks and panels of exceptional high quality, right at the heart of the Chinese AAC industry in the Jiangsu province.

High in demand are thin panels with thicknesses of 50 and 75 mm. The panels are vertically applied (floor to ceiling) and enable fast and easy installation. The new plant is already designed to cut super smooth surfaces, simply by adding Wehrhahn’s newly designed super smooth cutter.

The teams of Baopeng and Wehrhahn jointly managed to accomplish all targets set out in this project.



50 mm thick vertically applied tilt-up panels, perfectly packed for the domestic and export markets


Growing demand for panels in China