The "all-new" AAC panel production plant generation

Modern Wehrhahn AAC production plants are designed to allow utmost flexible conditions for both block and panel production.

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Wehrhahn customer Jiangsu Baopeng acknowledged as the largest AAC panel producer in China!

Wehrhahn attended the 40th Annual Chinese AAC Conference held in Chongqing November 15-17 2020. Many AAC equipment manufacturers and big brand names attended and shared knowledge and news.

Baopeng from Jiangsu in China has revealed to be the largest AAC panel producer in China. Jiangsu Baopeng, a subsidiary of Baosteel, has been successfully producing AAC panels using the "sharpest knife" in the panel making industry: Wehrhahn superSMART. 

Congratulations to Jiangsu Baopeng for this outstanding performance!

 Bestsellers in China: high quality AAC panels produced with Wehrhahn technology

Wehrhahn production plants are simply "smart"!

Today, Wehrhahn plants produce more efficiently than ever before. 

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We did it!

The Remote Technical Service becomes increasingly important. Some months ago it was considered impossible that a production plant could even be installed and then put into operation without the presence of Wehrhahn specialists at site. We are now proving the opposite!

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the commissioning of an aerated concrete production plant for blocks and the production of the „first cake" at one of our customers in Uzbekistan were supported by Wehrhahn Remote Service. The inscription in the „first cake" (after the date) means: - мы это сделали! - We did it!

In addition to our congratulations to our customer, he expressed his thanks and appreciation to the entire Wehrhahn team, including with the statement „Working like a Swiss watch."

The WH Energy Management System (WH-EnMS) optimises energy consumption!

Some previous articles from Wehrhahn highlighted suitable components to ensure a consistent and perfect quality of AAC.

In this article, Wehrhahn introduces the WH-EnMS. The complex system measures and stores energy data from nearly each machine and section - every second! 

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Wehrhahn Remote Service

During the start-up of a plant or for Technical Support, customers receive individual service on-site from Wehrhahn specialists. In order to guarantee constant high quality service - even in times of limited travel options - Wehrhahn has found a way to provide customised support from a distance:

Wehrhahn Remote Service. But what exactly does the service include? The Remote Service provides technical support from a distance, this means via multimedia communication. Wehrhahn offers its customers worldwide optimal support and proactive service, via the internet.

Wehrhahn Remote Service includes the commissioning of individual plant sections and even entire plants. With direct access to the customer's plant by video connection and its data, Wehrhahn specialists can specifically troubleshoot faults, instruct personnel on-site and therefore guarantee a smooth start-up of the plant.

Further applications for Remote Services are maintenance and process optimisation, as well as proactive services, such as the early detection of malfunctions or predictive technical support and plant inspection. Wehrhahn offers its customers the possibility to receive fast support and a high level of flexibility, in addition to minimised effort and costs - a real customer benefit!


Second fibre cement plant for Sri Lanka ready for installation

After successful installation and commissioning of the first autoclaved flat sheet production line for El Toro, their second Wehrhahn plant has just arrived in Sri Lanka.

Installation is expected to start soon. This time, corrugated fibre cement sheets of highest quality are to be produced by El Toro. Again this plant features a number of innovations in the sections sheeting machine and cutting plant – another milestone for El Toro as market and technology leader in Sri Lanka!

An intelligent product control and information (PCI) -system is an essential help to improve production in all areas!

Part three of this series of articles focuses on the product control and information (PCI) -system, which is an intelligent machine control report management system. The system enhances plant efficiency by shorter set up times and significantly reduces production costs.
In part two of a series of articles, published in AAC worldwide issue 1/2020, Wehrhahn focused on the dosing and mixing control system (part one issued in AAC worldwide 04/2019 about Wehrhahn autoclave control system).

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Dear customers and partners,

It's a very worrying time for all. The Wehrhahn team hopes that everyone is in good health and the Coronavirus pandemic will soon be over.

We take our social responsibility very seriously. The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is our utmost concern. Although we cannot maintain all personal contacts at the moment as usual, we are at your disposal by telephone, e-mail and social media for any request or topic.

The Wehrhahn team wishes you well during this challenging time. Hope everyone keeps safe!

Milestone in the Wehrhahn History

New version of the precise Wehrhahn autoclave control system (WACO).

Highlight: Now it is possible to control the autoclave for an aerated concrete plant and for a sand lime brick production plant OR in combination of both. This will especially please our customers who produce both AAC and sand lime bricks.

Great job, great success – Keep it up!

Thanks to all involved parties.

WACO the perfect choice for advanced AAC and sand lime brick autoclave control